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The Snake in the Grass: The Story of Adam and Eve

The Snake in the Grass: The Story of Adam and Eve combines whimsical poetry and color, imaginative illustrations to retell the biblical account of Adam and Eve’s encounter with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The memorable sing-song rhymes and eye-catching artwork will help children learn bout God and connect the story to their own lives. All who relate to children - whether parents, teachers, or pastors - will find this book an essential and delightful addition to their collection of Bible stories for younger ages. Although written for children, adults enjoy this book as well. You won’t forget the story of Adam and Eve after you’ve read, The Snake in the Grass!

Sample Text:

The sun was so warm
Shining down on the ground,
As we sat in the garden
And looked all around.
I said to my Adam,
“Just look at us two!
Already, we’ve run out
of fun things to do.
We’ve eaten our fill
And we’ve climbed all the trees;
For didn’t God tell us
To do as we please?”

But, oh, we got bored.
We got bored. Bored! Bored! BORED!

Our lives were too calm,
Which could not be ignored.

And then something went HISS!
You could not miss that hiss!

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