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Kirkus review for new book!

Authors dream of having great reviews of their books, do imagine my surprise —and delight— when I discovered that my new book, Stories from the Bible, received a wonderful review from Kirkus, one of the premier reviewers of books for all ages, and in all genres.

I loved that the reviewer recognized the "graceful prose full of rich vocabulary, strong dialogue, and humorous touches such as words conveying sound effects." I worked hard on choosing words and images that were lyrical and poetic. I appreciate that the reviewer noticed that the people have "tan or brown skin and dark hair." That's something I insisted upon—that the biblical characters not look pale and "white" since they are Middle-Eastern. Too many Bibles show Caucasian characters, which renders them inauthentic. I did not want this book to fall into that category.

I'm proud of this book, and grateful for my wonderful editor, Katie Cotton, my agent at the time (now retired) Etta Wilson, the illustrator, Dinara Mirtalipova, who created such creative, stunning illustrations. I can't even draw a decent stick figure, so I am always extremely thankful for the word of the illustrators of my books. I’m grateful for the copyeditors and designers and printers and all the staff behind the scenes who made this book possible. It takes a village to make a book, without a doubt.

Here's the review. Feel free to share, and to share the book with family and friends.


Seventeen well-known stories from the Christian Bible are retold in contemporary language accompanied by intriguing gouache illustrations.

Bostrom, a Presbyterian minister and the author of the popular Little Blessings series for younger children, retells the Biblical stories in graceful prose full of rich vocabulary, strong dialogue, and humorous touches such as words conveying sound effects. Stories from the Old Testament include retellings about the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark, baby Moses in his basket, and David and Goliath. New Testament stories include the birth of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, the Last Supper, and the first Easter. The large-size format includes three to seven pages of text for each story, with one or two full-page illustrations and several vignettes per story. Each spread offers an illustration done in Mirtalipova’s striking style, full of swirling lines and motion. The illustrations are particularly accomplished in their variety of composition, such as a parade of sea creatures swimming across the bottom of a spread or Jonah inside the belly of the whale. Throughout, the human characters all have tan or brown skin and dark hair. A final page lists the corresponding Biblical text reference for each story.

This beautifully illustrated collection will be useful in larger library collections and for reading aloud in Christian families and in church settings. (Religion. 5-9)

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