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Just back from Lake Tahoe

My husband and I just returned from a week at Lake Tahoe. He had a preaching conference, and I stayed at my brother's lakeside condo. Our only cost was travel and food - how lucky we are!

I worked on my spiritual memoir, reminiscing about how close my brother and I were growing up, and thinking about how, through the years, we have kept that closeness. Again, I feel lucky, and blessed.

Much of the time, once Greg's conference ended, we hiked and kayaked and spent time exploring the area. Saw a magnificent sunset one night, which we watched while walking the beach with our little dog, Ellie. I am reminded that much of writing does not involve the actual writing, but taking in the beauty of the world, thinking while taking long walks. All the time, I find myself writing in my head, words that will never find their way to the page, and some that will, eventually.

Now we're home, and back to busy schedules, grateful for the respite and the time together just to enjoy this wonderful world. Read More 
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