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What is God Like?

Best selling children’s author Kathleen Long Bostrom combines with well-known artist Elena Kucharik, (creator of the Care Bears) in this charming book which is the first book in the “Little Blessings” series that addresses questions children have about faith and spirituality. The first half of the book poses questions and the second half provides answers based on Bible verses. All of the Bible verses are included in the back of the book for easy reference.

Sample questions:

I can’t see you, God, so please give me a clue;
Do you look like me, and do I look like you?

Are you big or little? Are you short or tall?
Can you really see me when I am so small?

Sample answers:

You’re looking for answers? Then here’s what to do:
Just turn to the Bible to find what is true,
And listen to everything I say to you.

You won’t find a picture of me in a book.
There isn’t one person who knows how I look.
But don’t be upset that you can’t see my face.
You can look at my work in this beautiful place!

Other books in the series include: Who is Jesus?, Are Angels Real? What About Heaven? What is Prayer?
Two board books for toddlers are God Loves You and Thank You, God!

What is God Like?, Who is Jesus, Are Angels Real? And What About Heaven? are published in ten languages besides English.