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Celebrate the differences that make life richer and more interesting with this inclusive board book about a budding friendship.


Making friends is something all children do, but sometimes it can feel scary. They might worry that no one will like them or that they are too different to find a friend. In this sweet board book, the narrator lists all the ways children can be different from a prospective friend: "I wake early. You sleep late. My hair's curly. Yours is straight. I say, 'Now!' You say, 'Wait?' Will you be friends with me?" Instead of worrying that these differences will make friendship impossible, the narrator decides that: "We're all different. That's okay! Life is much more fun that way." Perfect for children heading to school or any child in a new situation trying to make friends, this encouraging book reassures readers that diversity is what makes friendship--and life--so interesting.



Little ones who are scared of the dark will love this comforting story about the ways God lights our path and shines through us.


It's summer, and the Veggies are going camping. But Junior has a problem--he's afraid of the dark. As night falls, his friends reassure him by pointing out the different types of light all around them, from flashlights to campfires to lighthouses. But most importantly, they remind Junior that God lights his path and shines through him to others. This charming tale with the popular Veggie crew will comfort little ones and inspire them to let their light shine.


You'll be fascinated by the strange facts found in the Bible. A man with a bed big enough to fit an elephant? A talking donkey? A sea creature who sneezes smoke and spits fire? Even reluctant readers will be drawn into the stories of the Bible with this book!

Includes a sound button with a verse of the popular song, This Little Light of Mine!


VeggieTales story with music button!
Mazes, puzzles, stickers, lots of fun activities to go with the story.




In this humorous twist on a visit to the zoo, just who has the more interesting view? As morning dawns, the zookeeper makes his rounds, exhorting the animals to wake up, comb their hair, and stand up straight. Soon their human visitors arrive, and the observations begin to flow. But just who is talking about whom? With a clever twist of text and bright and festive illustrations, this picture book will have children begging for a trip to the zoo.

99 Things to do Between Here and Heaven

Looking for a way to dig deeper into life, to experience a variety of spiritual, emotional, and physical adventures? This book provides 99 ways to enrich your life, from the simple (watch a sunset) to more complex (write a statement of faith). Each entry provides Scripture verses, quotes from various authors, what to expect from the activity, and a space for journaling. Makes a great read and a great gift! Check out my blog at bostrom.wjkbooks.com and join the conversation!

Finding Calm in the Chaos

Each week, the reader has a Scripture verse upon which to meditate. Daily readings include devotions, quotes, prayers, and poems relating to the Scripture reading. At the end of each week, a "Sabbath Celebration" offers a lovely format for taking time to give thanks on the Sabbath. This is a unique and very reader-friendly book for anyone who leads a busy life.

Making Space for the Spirit: 100 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Soul

Using many of the "Spirit Boosters" from the book, Finding Calm in the Chaos, I provide Bible verses, quotes for reflection, and interesting, relevant bits of information to help flesh out these simple ways to give your spirit a boost, and to reach out to others and give them a lift as well.

Based on a book published in the UK by Peter Graystone, this new book provides the ultimate to do list: 99 things that everyone should experience during their time on earth. Examples include giving blood, writing a letter to one’s future self, and gazing quietly at the night sky. From the sublime (watch the sun rise), to the wonderfully silly (ride a roller-coaster!), the activities presented will breathe new life into readers’ lives while opening them up to new spiritual experiences. Each one-page entry provides a description of the activity, what the reader can expect to gain from it, quotes about the topic, and Bible reflections. Blank space is included to record memories of and thoughts about the experience. This book will make a perfect gift to help keep someone on track during their journey between here and heaven.

Answering questions that a child asks about the Bible is a challenge - and here's the perfect book to help! Using questions and answers presented in rhyming verse, biblical foundations are explained for the very young.

Who made the world? The answer may seem simple, but there are all kinds of questions that arise when a child becomeds aware of the wonderful world that God made. This book uses rhyming verses in a question/answer format, with answers based on Bible verses which are included at the end. A great way to share the joy of creation with a child!

Join two young children in the Christmas novella that teaches the secret behind the popular Christmas song. Illustrated by my son, Christopher Bostrom, this book is available online and through the publisher: www.kiwepublishing.com

Easter Stories and Prayers

Celebrate the real meaning of Easter with this special collection of four Little Blessings book.

Winning Authors: Profiles of the Newbery Medalists, 1922-2002

What makes a winning children's book author? Look behind the scenes, and learn more about the 76 fascinating authors who have garnered the prestigious Newbery Medal since it was established in 1922.

Includes biographies on each of the authors, descriptions of their books, photographs, quotes, and an appendix with additional information.

99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children

99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children provides fun, practical, and thought provoking ideas for nurturing the spiritual lives of children, parents, and families. Each of the 99 entries includes a Scripture passage, a theoretical or practical suggestion for weaving together faith and daily life, and a provocative challenge that encourages readers to spend some time contemplating the lessons learned.

What is God Like?

What is God Like? Uses questions asked by young children, such as “Is God big or little? Where does God live? Does God love me only when I’m good?” This book will help children understand who God is and what God is like. Perfect as a read-aloud devotional book by anyone teaching children at the pre-kindergarten level.

Charming illustrations by well-known creator of the Care Bears, Elena Kucharik.

Papa's Gift

Clara and her grandfather are the best of friends. When Papa Clarence dies, Clara is overcome by grief and anger. Through a special gift given to her by her grandfather before his death, Clara begins to understand that as long as she has her memories, she will always have her grandfather’s love.

Other Books by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Enchanting poetry characterized by humorous and remarkable sing-song rhymes and colorful, child-appealing artwork combine to tell the story of Moses and Pharaoh. Great for children and adults alike!

In the style of "The Snake in the Grass" and "Green Plagues and Lamb," this book retells the story of Saul's life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

Sunrise Hill: An Easter Story of Courage and Faith

Uncle Josh is building a new church on Sunrise Hill, and everybody in town is excited about it---especially his 10-year-old nephew, Caleb! The only one not contributing to the project is blacksmith Big George . . . until the church burns down two weeks before Easter. Can the town---and Big George---turn Josh's sadness into joy?


Mary's Happy Christmas Day

Introduce your little one, aged 4 and under, to the timeless story of Jesus' birth in this sweet, rhyming tale about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her journey to Bethlehem. Warm, colorful illustrations and joyful, rhythmic tones will capture you and your child as you enjoy precious, loving moments at Christmastime with Mary's Happy Christmas Day

What is Prayer?

This book introduces preschool kids to the concept of prayer. Scripturally based text intermingled with warm illustrations makes this a perfect tool for parents who want to help their children begin a lifelong conversation with God.

Are Angels Real?

Everyone loves angels - but what does the Bible say about them? Find out in this book with questions and answers based on Bible truths.

Who is Jesus?

Answer your child's questions about Jesus with this charming book written in the style of "What is God Like?" with questions and answers based on Bible verses.

What About Heaven?

Written in verse, this question/answer book based on Bible verses will answer questions about Heaven raised by all ages.

God Loves You

The message that "God loves you just as you are!" is conveyed in this reassuring board book for toddlers.

Thank You, God!

A toddler board book that teaches children how to thank God for all the gifts of creation.

The story of creation from the Bible, retold in unique, flowing rhyme that will help all ages remember the gifts of God's creation!

The Value-Able Child

Chapters are devoted to ten different values (Cooperation, Honesty, Self-Control, etc.), with reproducible pages, games, stories, activities, letters to parents, and suggestions for community involvement. Great for home-school programs and anyone who teaches children grades K-3.

The World That God Made

Special foldout pages provide eye-catching art and readable text that repeats as each day of creation progresses. Written in the style of the classic rhyme "The House That Jack Built", The World That God Made will fascinate children as they learn the magnificent story of creation. OUT OF PRINT - CONTACT THE AUTHOR IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY A COPY.