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Includes the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus, plus a few other stories of his life.

Check out this picture book, illustrated by my son!
When a little girl goes to the pet shop to purchase her first pet, her imagination gets the best of her. The animals she'd have in her shop are different from any you've ever seen! Join the fun and let your own imagination run wild.

Beautifully illustrated book of Bible stories for 6-9 year-olds.

Still in print after 20 years, and published in nearly 20 languages around the world. Part of the Little Blessings series with Tyndale House, Inc.

The View at the Zoo - consistently rated in the top 100 books for children about zoos

The View at the Zoo

In this humorous twist on a visit to the zoo, just who has the more interesting view? As morning dawns, the zookeeper makes his rounds, exhorting the animals to wake up, comb their hair, and stand up straight. Soon their human visitors arrive, and the observations begin to flow. But just who is talking about whom? With a clever twist of text and bright and festive illustrations, this picture book will have children begging for a trip to the zoo.

A beautifully illustrated book of beloved Bible stories, written for 6-8 year-olds.

I am thrilled to be writing for the beloved VeggieTales line of books!

Rufus and Ryan - charming books that teach faith and church to toddlers.

99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children provides fun, practical, and thought provoking ideas for nurturing the spiritual lives of children, parents, and families. Each of the 99 entries includes a Scripture passage, a theoretical or practical suggestion for weaving together faith and daily life, and a provocative challenge that encourages readers to spend some time contemplating the lessons learned.

Find 100 simple ways to nurture your spirit, with Bible verses, quotes, and places for notes. The suggestions in this book are simple and easy to incorporate into your life. Makes a great gift, too!